What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transport and How Can You Benefit from It?

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Proper healthcare services are one of the key elements for a functional society. Unfortunately, not everything is easy when it comes to organizing transportation for people experiencing health difficulties. For instance, something as simple as taking a medical appointment can take a real toll on people who can’t drive to the doctor’s themselves, and therefore have to suffer uncomfortable transportation options or depend on their family, friends, or local community organizations to transport them.

Still, not everything is lost. When the above-mentioned options fail, you can rely on non emergency medical transportation with AC MedTran to fill in the gap and help you experience a comfortable and convenient ride to and from your specified location.

How to Know If I Am a Good Candidate for Non Emergency Medical Transportation
with AC Medtran?

Although handicap transportation with AC MedTran normally focuses on providing transportation to passengers with visible disabilities, the company’s staff is also offering services to people who are temporarily waylaid by surgery or an acute injury as well as to people with special needs and/or invisible disabilities.

Since due to weakened muscles and post-procedure pain medication post-surgical patients aren’t allowed to drive until cleared by their healthcare provider, AC MedTran is there to offer the most professional wheelchair accessible transportation in the Chicago area. So, whether you have a disability or you are currently with an injury and need part-time assistance in the way you travel, you are the right candidate for non emergency medical transportation with AC MedTran.

What Are the Medical Transportation Service Benefits?

The benefit of booking this kind of non emergency medical transportation service is that you are not only getting a ride from the hospital/appointment to your home, but you can schedule a regular medical transportation to a doctor’s office, follow-up appointments, support meetings, to physical therapy, organize safe medical transportation for seniors, etc. What is more, every ride is assisted by a healthcare professional. Your in-transport companion would be an educated, knowledgeable and experienced staff member to look after you as you ride to and from your specified destination.

This type of arrangement is made with your full comfort and safety in mind, as well as the idea of helping you easily overcome challenges you’d normally have when boarding a public bus or any other form of public transportation.

How Is Non-Emergency Medical Transport Changing the Face of Transportation
of the Disabled And/Or Injured?

Regardless of how positively charged and well-spirited a disabled person is, not everything in their lives depends on that same attitude. Unfortunately for people with disabilities, society is yet not fully accustomed to adjusting public spaces to everyone’s needs. This predicament can often cause numerous challenges for people using a wheelchair or other walking aids. However, the good news is that recent decades have encouraged a number of helpful advancements around, helping people with disabilities circulate easier.

Aside from local communities’ making buildings easier to enter and exit, plenty of transportation services have started introducing wheelchair accessible transportation in their regular taxi and van offers. On that note, if you or a loved one need handicap transportation for a single ride to a social outing or regularly, chances are you’ll find them easier than a few years ago. AC MedTran is Chicago’s finest non emergency medical transportation, making sure its clients stay well pampered, cared for and properly handled.

Medical Transportation Help: 3 Advantages of Handicap Transportation

Medical Transportation Help

1. Relief from the Physical Struggle

If you are disabled but are currently using public transportation or a standard vehicle to get places, you know better than anyone how many hurdles you have to overcome to reach your final destination. This is precisely why you should consider making handicap transportation your primary transportation choice. Specially designed for the disabled, AC MedTran vehicles offer utmost comfort, easy access in and out of their seats, and pleasant rides no matter how long the trip is. What is more, handicap accessible vehicles are very adjustable, so you’ll never again risk an injury by climbing into a car or off of it.

2. Reliable Transportation

No matter how well adapted for disabled use, public transportation tends to be very unpredictable and often uncomfortable. With such circumstance, you aren’t far from missing your appointments, check-ups or even last-minute meetings. What is more, despite all their love and commitment to you and your well-being, your friends and loved ones can’t always be available to be there for a ride. Fortunately, wheelchair accessible transportation is just a call away, so you can avoid all the potential discomfort and stress. You can book a wheelchair ride to and from the airport or a train station as well as anywhere else in the vicinity.

3. Professional Help

AC MedTran drivers who operate the company’s handicap-accessible vehicles are experienced in the way the equipment works and ways to work with people with disabilities. So, instead of relying on a relative to lift you into a car or adapting to a public bus ramp, leave it to the trained professional to help you with your handicap transportation near me.

AC MedTran is your primary Chicago non emergency medivan transportation provider, operating near your location and further. Everyone at AC MedTran works passionately so that people with special needs, seniors, and veterans respectively can get where they want to go without experiencing any transportation limitations!

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