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Catch Up With Grandparents - Wheelchair Transportation Services

Life is chaotic. That is something we can all agree on. No one has time to waste especially because everybody is hustling, chasing their dreams and making a point of not missing any of the opportunities that destiny offers. Sometimes, in the midst of our crazy schedules, we forget about the people who welcomed us with homemade meals and wonderful stories for every life occasion. To avoid guilty conscience about not paying enough attention to our grandparents, we can take it our mission to make their golden years as fun as possible.

If you are on a mission to make your grandparents’ days wonderful, here are just a few tips that will help you do just that:

Take your senior out for a walk

Whether it was around the block, through some of many Chicago parks or simply to the nearest grocery store, a little stroll goes a long way. The sad fact of life is that, as people age, they tend to move less and less. Unlike toddlers who are always running a „peaceful walk“, eager to discover and explore the world before them, the elderly do the opposite. With every year that passes by with every passing year, their bodies become less capable of enjoying the outdoors and doing regular chores, and going outside may even pose dangerous and frightful. Decreased mobility and fear of everything that could go wrong outside of their comfort zone usually kills the desire to move at all. That shouldn’t stop us! Even if it is a bit of challenge, take your senior out. Pulling out a wheelchair or some other walking aid can be a hassle, but that is where services of AC Medtran could come in handy. The pace of your step might be slower than usual, but that will give you more time to discover new beauty in everyday surroundings.

Grandparents - Wheelchair Transportation Services

Talk to them and show interest

If it is a rainy day, or perhaps too warm or too cold to go out, go back to basics and ask them about their day. It is as simple as that. Let them share their stories about their youth, those they loved and lost, their best achievements and all the juicy mischiefs of the days long past. Show interest in neighborhood gossip if that is their thing, help with their smartphones if they are not tech-savvy, share some of your everyday struggles and ask for advice, if they did not already provide you with some. Inquire about their health, old and new aches, freshly prescribed medication or a medical emergency or non-emergency that happened as of late (usually they can go on and on about these kinds of things, so it gives you a solid ground to talk about). Offer to change that light bulb, help out with gardening or play a game of scrabble – all while exchanging experiences in the process. Most importantly, remember: the time spent with the eldery doesn’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to be lonely. With the right kind approach, bored and lonely do not have to go hand in hand.

Allow yourself to slow down a bit in order to catch up with them!

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